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Illuminati charity

One of our fraternity’s timeless and essential ideals is relief. We give back to our brothers, families, and communities via  charities in America.

The lodge provides important, relevant services to illuminati family members throughout California through residential facilities, statewide outreach, and help for kids with mental health challenges.

Find out more. Since 1969, the Lodge has provided significant educational partnerships and scholarships to public schools, students, and instructors from kindergarten through college. The Lodge also supports community collaborations. 

Our charitable initiatives are totally funded by contributions from All Over The World, as well as our relatives and friends.

Make a donation for HUMANITY

Charity has long been a central tenet of Us, and we are proud of our 300-year tradition of assisting people in need. Every Month, our members make significant contributions at the local, national, and global levels by donating both their time and money to a variety of organizations and communities.

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