PART I - Preparing For The New World Transformation Next Stage

Our organization has advocated for the ultimate goal of a globalist Earth since its inception, long before the writing of our eternal oaths or the utterance of our vows as humanity’s protectors. Our future vision is of a unified planet without national borders, governed by the best and brightest of the human species, where all people, in all places, can live in Abundance.

A globalist society would mean the end of national divisions and the millennia of wars fought over land and its assets. It puts an end to one country hoarding and stockpiling excess resources while the people of another country go hungry. It is the notion that all humans are both individuals and groups.

In the current Age of War, the wealthy must stockpile supplies to ensure the safety of their children during this period of turmoil. Their obelisks and factories can only be built with the help of the needy masses.

But a new era is on the horizon: a post-labor civilization powered by autonomous machinery and unlimited energy. All who seek riches will receive the riches they deserve in the coming Age of Illuminatiam.



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