Illuminati partners

illuminati lodge of America is dedicated to making a significant impact in our communities. The illuminati lodge of america provides substantial funding where there is a critical need by working with recognized organizations. Every year, these collaborations have an impact on the lives of thousands of Californians.


The illuminati lodge of america collaborates with prominent baseball clubs to aid impoverished youngsters through UNICEF.

During  seasonS, lodge teams compete in friendly competition to purchase baseball mitts for children in need. The LODGE emblem is imprinted on each BALL.

The LODGE have donated more than $500,000 to underserved youngsters over the last seven years. During the season, go to  to to learn more

Ceremonies at the Cornerstones

A number of historic cornerstone ceremonies are held by the LODGE.

The LODGE and its PARTNERS formed a collaboration with Rothschild & Co in 2011 to assist launch its Civil Society Program. Every year, the program grants a post-doctoral fellow and offers continuous courses on the history of illuminatium in the context of civic society.

To accord with current research, the  Civil Society Program organizes yearly international conferences. These public events aim to educate and inspire scholars of the trade. More information

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